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Rock Climbing Whitefish, Montana

About Rock Climb Montana

Are you ready for a safe, fun, exhilarating adventure that will create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime? Are you looking to take up a new sport, or cross one off your bucket list items? If you’re ready to climb some real rock cliffs in the majestic hills and lush forests near Glacier Park and Whitefish, Montana, at Rock Climb Montana we can show you the ropes! 

All ages and abilities are welcome and all gear and training is provided. We’ve had first-time climbers as young as 3 and as old as 81. Most of our clients have never climbed. We show them all the basics they need to know to safely enjoy this fast-growing sport, yet advanced climbers can also find challenges with difficulty ratings up to 5.12 (if you are an advanced climber, you know what that means) and improve their skill sets by learning to sport climb, lead with trad gear, or build better anchor systems. In climbing, proper technique emphasizes the use of the legs; therefore, upper body strength is not a prerequisite, but moderate fitness is required. If you can climb a ladder, you can reach the tops of our easiest climbs.

Rock climbing can provide awesome family fun or a great corporate team building activity. It builds self-confidence and trust in your partners. In fact, we’ve had letters from couples thanking us for improving the bonds of their relationship. We even had one climber who proposed to his girlfriend just as she reached the top. She said yes! 

Because all our outings (except the specialty advanced skill group classes) are private outings just for you and your personal party our climbing outings are organized to encourage bonding and camaraderie. Yet, our private outings are priced competitively with many non-private group activities in the area.

Any trip to Montana should include a chance to get out and experience the environment first-hand. Rock climbing will provide that opportunity. We operate most days from April 16th to October 15th and most of our climbs are within a 5-minute walk of the parking areas.

Rock Climb Montana has been in business for 13 years and has maintained a perfect safety record and a 5-star rating.  In fact, we are the area’s number 1 rated outdoor activity for the last 7 years in a row!  (  Choose from half-day (3-hour) or all-day trips (7-hours). Select one of three locations: Kila, Stryker, or Koocanusa. Kila is great on cooler spring or fall days as it is in direct sunlight; though, it is not available in July and August because it gets too hot. Stryker is the go-to place in the summer months. It is in Stillwater Canyon which was cut by a lovely cool mountain stream and is shaded by the Kootenai National Forest. Even on hot summer days, it is quite comfortable to climb there. Stryker is an available option from May through September. For something different try Koocanusa, also known by the locals as Stone Hill. Many of the climbs there overlook gorgeous Koocanusa Lake. The drive to this location is a bit further, so only all-day trips go there. No matter what location you select, you will find a large variety of climbs that offer the appropriate amount of challenge that you are seeking. Reservations are required, so sign up today. You will be very glad you did!

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