Photos & Videos of Our Whitefish Rock Climbs

Photos of Our Fantastic Rock Climbs

Stryker Rock Climbing Photos

The Stryker Climb is located in our default climbing area where the Stillwater River cuts a canyon through the Kootenai National Forest. The climb takes place on the shady canyon walls.

Kila Rock Climbing Photos

The Kila Crags rock climbing spot is one of the most popular sport climbing spots for Kalispell locals. The south-facing cliffs gather warmth on cooler days, so sit back after your ascent and enjoy the sun!

Koocanusa Rock Climbing Photos

Overlooking beautiful Lake Koocanusa, this climb is located in Stone Hill, the best-known rock climbing area in northwestern Montana! Literally hundreds of people climb here! This is a great option for full-day outings.

Videos of Rock Climb Montana in Action