PCGI Climbing Guide Certification Assessment

Quick Details

Start time: 8 a.m.

Duration: 6 hours

AvailabilitySeptember 6th

Directions: For directions click HERE

About the Assessment

This exam will test the aspiring guide’s knowledge of the material presented in the TRG (top rope guide) course. The exam will consist of a number of in the field skill assessments from building anchors to group handling to rescue scenarios. A passing grade is required to attain the PCGI TRG certification.

Suggested gear list:
The following gear list is by no means prescriptive, only a recommendation

  • Climbing harness with belay loop
  • Climbing helmet
  • Standard free climbing rack, which should include a set of wired nuts, camming units, and other optional trad gear such as tri-cams, hexes, etc.
  • 10-12 shoulder-length runners with carabiners
  • 50-60-meter climbing rope
  • Sticky rubber approach shoes
  • Climbing shoes comfortable enough to wear all day in hot conditions
  • Five Pear shaped large locking carabiners
  • Two 18-21 foot long 7mm nylon cords (cordalette)
  • Belay device (Gri-Gri, Reverso, ATC Guide)
  • 100 ft. of 9 – 10 mm static line for extending anchors


The course will take place near Whitefish, MT at one of the nearby crags (Kila, or Stryker).